Marlon Roudette : When The Beat Drops Out

While developing the idea with Marlon, he mentioned that while writing the song, it originally featured the lyrics ‘when the fame has gone’ this to me, was a great jumping off point for an idea.
I wanted to make a video loosely about what happens when the zest goes out of a relationship – when the beat drops out, the song is asking the question : will you stick with you thick and thin, when things aren’t so good. So through the video we see a relationship stretched thin – feelings of emptiness.
I liked the idea of using the house as a metaphor for their relationship, it’s psycho-architecture – outwardly opulent, built when times were good, but unfinished – in a state of decay, the lower levels of the house are unfinished – like the relationship itself, with foundations undeveloped and raw. We see Marlon withdraw into this world , like any basement or attic it’s private and personal – to the dark centre of the relationship.
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Director : Alexander Brown
Producer : Gail Mosley
Director of Photography : Tim Sidell
Editor : Gwen Norcliffe
Actor : María del Mar Salva March
Spanish Producer: Kristian Arija
Artist : Marlon Roudette
Track : When The Beat Drops Out