Rainer : Nocturn

This is a film I made inspired by a friend who developed a prolonged injury which put a stop to her dancing career. She became very depressed, her ambitions no longer realistic – it was a very difficult period in her life. After researching the topic, I became interested in the condition EDS which is a common yet under reported condition, is a double edged sword – the condition which provides their natural flexibility and grace is the double edged sword which also cripples them.

Here is an article about it telegraph.co.uk/news/health/9349660/I-feel-brain-fogged.-Its-a-cruelly-deceptive-illness.html


Director: Alexander Brown
Producer : Guy Darby
Director of Photography : Tim Sidell
Editor : Alessandra Milani
Art Director : Tearlach Byford Flockhart
Production Co : The Sweet Shop
Band : Rainer
Track : Nocturn
Label : Kissability / Algebra