Marlon Roudette : Everybody Feeling Something

The most important factor in this video, was to create a piece which captured the sentiment of the song – namely ‘everybody feeling something’ so with this in mind, we hitched a flight to St Vincent – Marlon’s home town, to shoot the “vincy-mas” carnival. The crew was very small, the conditions were tough, but it was an incredible experience from beginning to end. Probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a shoot.

To give you a small sample – After waking up at 3am and going to “Jouvert”- a celebration where rival groups hug eachother while covered in paint – I was shooting all kinds of madness – when the sun rose I was hauled impromtu onto the roof of a carnival float – with the artist in tow and a terrified producer still on the ground – wondering if we’d make it down alive! I suggested he play the song out of the speakers (a request I was told would be in no way acceptable to the soca loving mob beneath us) By the time we got down from the float, we then went to the sea and threw ourselves off a 60ft rock. It was one wild ride.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 00.35.13
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Director : Alexander Brown
Producer : Holly Harding
Editor : Chris Roebuck
DOP: Alexander Brown
Camera Operator: Colin Browne
Fixer: Kay Wilson
Hair and Makeup: Emma Trachtenberg
Security: Gary Blackman
Transport: Desmond Samuel
Runner: Stephan Hornsey
Artist : Marlon Roudette
Track :Everybody Feeling Something