La Roux : Kiss and Not Tell

Developed in conjunction with the single artwork, we developed a campaign for La Roux’s “Kiss and Not Tell” around telephones. Taking the lyrics as a point of inspiration “All along Ive had feelings I cant help…Makes me want to kiss and not tell”. I had the idea of Elly being part of a late night chat line luring people home alone to call in. It worked for me because it embraced that bright cheeky facade of what is essentially a fairly grubby industry marketed to the lonely and vulnerable.┬áBut also showcases elements of the 1980s / 1990s that we probably don’t remember quite as vividly as “saved by the bell”and “grace jones”.
The idea then grew into the concept of actually having a phoneline for people to call in. We created an interactive leg of the campaign where fans are encouraged La Roux fans to leave cheeky messages that will be shared online.


Director: Alexander Brown
Producer : Gail Mosley
Director of Photography : Tim Sidell
Editor : Chris Roebuck
Art Director : Lucie Red
Titles : Jelly London
Colourist : Lewis Crossfield @ Electric Theatre Company
Production Co : The Sweet Shop
Comissioner : Emily Tedrake
Label : Polydor