National Maritime Museum: Miss Britain III

A bit of a throwback – I completed this project back in 2012 while I was working at Lonelyleap. The project was the result of a creative challenge – The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich wanted to display the boat ‘Miss Britain II” with an accompanying film – people wouldnt be able to closely inspect the boat as it was set to be suspended in mid air. The challenge of this project was that there was very little budget and simply not enough footage of the vessel in action, of it’s creator, or anyone still alive to talk about it.

So I came up with the idea which, albeit a little adventurous – we decided to make a film which attempted to capture the spirit of the time through artefacts – I designed a series of posters  – we commissioned an illustrator to artwork them – and these posters would tell the story of the boat in vignettes – much like a picture book. This would be intercut with shots that we could get by filming the boat in the museum. The film ultimately, was probably not the most impressive thing about the project, It was still quite difficult to make a film from nothing – but the posters I still love and think look great!


Creative / Art Direction : Alexander Brown

Production Company : Lonelyleap

Animation : Ada Bodjolle

Client : National Maritime Museum